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Our difference

We embrace diversity
through lived experience

Play & Creative Therapy Bundaberg is a growing children’s therapy practice, servicing children, young people, and their families. We understand the challenges and complexities that neurodivergent individuals face through both a lived-experience and professional lens.

Our expertise is richly centered in providing a safe, nurturing and neuro-affirming space, with ND-led supports that wholeheartedly embrace individual neurological characteristics for the beautiful variations of human cognition and capabilities that they are.

We use a person-centered and holistic approach informed by relational neuroscience, attachment theory, and values of safety, connection, attunement, and play, where children, young people, and their families are supported by evidence-based approaches that provide our clients with therapeutic care that is playful, expressive, and supports children and their families to live together in a connected, nurturing and enriching way.


We are committed to accommodating individual sensory, movement, and communication needs, and we take joy in honouring the natural curiosity, creativity, and emotional well-being of all who visit our affirming and expressive haven.

Girl covered in craft paint
Child & Youth Counselling 

Play Therapy

What young people struggle to say, we can help through Creative Counselling and PLAY!

Child & Youth Counselling 

AutPlay® Therapy

AutPlay®️ Therapy is an integrated and family therapy framework informed by the neurodiversity paradigm.

Young family playing a game on the living room floor
Young girl dancing and playing

Family Centered

We view our clients as not only the child or young person - we see the whole family.


Our variety of Child, Youth and Family Centered services are designed to walk beside you, and provide a space for you to be seen, heard, and help you pave the way for a deeper connection with your child through meeting essential needs and fostering a more harmonious and understanding family dynamic.

Young boy playing with dinosaur toys
Young girl painting with a paint pallette

Child-Centered &

Counselling sessions look different for each individual. We bring therapy to life through child-centered and interest-led experiences encompassing a range of age-appropriate creative-expressive arts modalities, such as play, art, music, sand tray, gaming, roleplay and storytelling, where children and young people can draw into their innate and genuine ways of self-expression and self-experience, wether they choose to speak or not.


Frequently asked questions

  • We provide the following services:

    • Child-Centered Play Therapy

    • AutPlay®️ Therapy

    • Filial Family Therapy

    • Creative Counselling

    • Holistic Youth Counselling 

    • Neurologic Music Therapy Services

    • Neuro-affirmative Parent/ Carer Support

    • General and Holistic Counselling services

    • Advocacy, PD, workshops, and talks

    Rather than applying a one-size fits all approach, we integrate a combination of modalities to suite the individual's unique strengths, needs, interests, and capabilities.


    We pride ourselves on the rapport we build with our clients and pay attention to both 'what' is done and 'how' it is done. Rapport relates to what Rogers (Rogers 1995) referred to as a 'way of being' alongside our families through the therapeutic journey to support effective therapeutic outcomes.

    For more information on our individual therapy services click here.

  • When children have exhausted their coping mechanisms, they may exhibit challenging behaviour. Adverse events can have a substantial impact on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children, resulting in complex and overwhelming emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, or resentment.

    Play therapy is a child-centered and age-appropriate therapeutic approach that distinguishes itself from ordinary play by recognising that children and adolescents often communicate, process and express their emotions through play and creative means. Through play, children and adolescents explore their most inner world utilising age-appropriate mediums such as toys, props, art, music, sand tray, gaming, and various other creative-expressive mediums within a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment.  These mediums serve as an age-appropriate language for the child to express their feelings, process their experiences, and acquire new coping strategies.

    At Play & Creative Therapy Bundaberg, we believe healing and success are inevitable when we step into our creative power. We strongly believe that play is the most enriching form of expression experienced across all stages of life, from infancy to adulthood. The act of creating expressively and symbolically creating play scenarios that resemble one's own emotional experiences allows the client to express themselves authentically, unveiling emotions and thoughts that may have been buried deep within.

    Why use Play & Creative therapies?
    Because play and creative expression is a powerful age-appropriate process that has everything to do with the child’s deepest healing, growth, and personal transformation. When we create something, we move the internal, to the external. When we are expressed, we become more aware. When we are more aware, we discover who we truly are. When we are healed, we become better versions of ourselves.

  • We can support children and young people from 3-17 years who:

    • Experiences emotional and/ or sensory-based dysregulation.

    • May feel overwhelmed or anxious regularly.

    • May be demonstrating concerning behaviours and seeks support in identifying the underlying cause of distress.

    • Has experienced trauma or significant stressful life events.

    • Has experienced medical trauma or is experiencing chronic illness.

    • Is experiencing grief and loss.

    • Is experiencing divorce or parent separation.

    • Has experienced abuse and neglect.

    • Is experiencing attachment concerns.

    • Is having personal challenges related to a range of disabilities or developmental delay.

    • Has non-speaking, language or communication differences and seeks support to express their emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

    • Is experiencing bullying or peer relationship challenges.

    • Is disengaging or experiencing school ‘can’t’.

    • May be unable to engage in other therapies for varied reasons.

  • We take the time to meet with the participants caregiver for an initial intake and assessment meeting where we go through a thorough assessment of each individual's needs and support requirements. We then work closely with the individual, their family, and their support network, to develop personalised therapy plans, support plans and ongoing supports.

    An individualised therapy plan is collaborated with all participants at the start of their journey or when goals change throughout their time with Play & Creative Therapy Bundaberg. We meet with the child’s caregivers and support network regularly.

  • No. A formal referral is not required. We welcome self-referrals from both private clients and NDIS clients who are self-managed or plan-managed.

  • We are located in suites 22 and 25B in the Regional Business HQ building (upstairs) located on the corner of Quay and Tantitha St Bundaberg Central.

    Address: 22/ 2 Tantitha St, Bundaberg Central, QLD, 4670.


    An appointment is necessary. You can book an appointment by contacting us on our contact page or emailing

  • As we provide varied services, session prices can also vary.

    Please get in touch for further information on individual pricing and funding options.

  • Step 1:

    Simply fill out our client referral/ booking request form here.

    You can also request a call back if you would like the opportunity for a 15-minute free phone consultation to assess the need and suitability of our services by emailing


    Step 2:

    We will then book you into a 60–90-minute initial parent/ caregiver consultation to go through a thorough assessment of the clients needs and support requirements and explain in more depth to you the therapy process.


    Step 3:

    The initial phase of therapy involves weekly 45-50 minute sessions.


    During the initial phase of therapy, the child or adolescent becomes comfortable within the therapeutic environment, builds a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship with their therapist, and becomes familiar with the tools and techniques being utilised to help empower them to express themselves freely.


    Once the child or adolescent is comfortable expressing themselves and has developed the trust and security necessary for therapeutic work, they progress to the working phase of therapy.


    Step 4:

    The therapist will then meet with the parent/ caregiver again to collaboratively create a child-centered or youth-centered therapy plan individualised to the client’s needs.


    Step 5:

    The client will then progress with their weekly sessions based on assessment and observations and meet with parents to discuss and review the clients’ experiences outside the therapy space, goals, and therapy plan regularly.


    Keeping in communication with your child’s therapist during this time will be helpful to understand how you can best support them at home.


    Step 6:

    The client's therapy needs, and number of sessions are not set and can differ considerably from individual to individual. However, once they begin to show progress with less support, they may begin transitioning out of therapy. This process begins with decreasing play therapy or counselling sessions from weekly to every other week, then to once a month.


    Parents and caregivers can contact their child's therapist if any concerns arise during this time to discuss the best support options.

I've never seen him so calm, he's not had a meltdown all week. He's never taken this quickly to a therapist like he has to you. Thanks for being so caring and gentle with him, you are just what we've been looking for. We really appreciate your updates! I will continue to use these support strategies at home, thanks Kara.

Renee (Bundaberg QLD)

Kara's ability to connect with kids is truly special. From the very first appointment it was evident that Kara possesses an extraordinary level of expertise. Her skills and compassionate nature have made an immeasurable difference in our lives. In a world where finding the right support for children with special needs can be a daunting task, Play & Creative Therapy Bundaberg is a beacon of hope.

Ashleigh (Bundaberg QLD)

Thanks to this therapy, our granddaughter has been able to connect with Kara at a time when failed connection was all she knew. During therapy her needs have become clear. In this past year we have been able to provide our granddaughter with consistency, love, safety and connection as we have a greater understanding of her needs and behaviours. Now she feels heard and understood. Thank you Kara for all you have done for us.

Sarah (Bundaberg QLD)

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